So due to a massive amount of incompetence by my hose, all my data has been lost. I should have had better backups, but the one thing I forgot to backup was my database, and without that, this site does not work. That was my responsibility not my hose.

My host on the other had had a responsibility to do nothing, and that seemed too complicated for them. After 3 glitches with their billing service which caused my site to be suspended multiple times, even though my bill was paid, they managed to de-rack my server, pull the drive, and wipe it to put it into another system before I knew what had happened. Their response tot he whole matter was “oops, sorry”. I have never dealt with a company so grossly incompetent. To make matters worse, when I asked to talk to a manager, they told me “We do no offer phone tech support”.

In case you are wondering the host is They offer amazing prices, but remember you get what you pay for. And you really aren’t paying for much here. Good hardware, tech support that might need a reminder to breath from time to time, and some times good bandwidth.

I wouldn’t recommend them for anything that you can’t afford to lose. Unfortunately that means I am starting all my sites from scratch. This might be a time to thin them out a little bit. Losing the 1000+ posts on this site does REALLY hurt. It was years of work. However I don’t intend to let my site on the net die because of some wildly incompetent people (and they are assholes to boot). I will rebuild. It is just going to take me a lot of time, and I am expecting to lose a lot of traffic and money do to this. It is unfortunate, but there really is nothing I can do, the TOS pretty much signs away any right I would have to sue.

Please stay with me, I have a full time job, and only so much time to get this back up and running.