Red Thread

Latina shows her assets

Simply beautiful!

Naughty Fantasy Girl

Amazing model in a micro thong

These micro thongs are stripper panties. I love them and hate them. Stripper, not the panties, I love the panties. Strippers are a fantasy that when it turns to reality makes a great story, but will eventually make a great story about your life getting screwed up. I know it seems like a great idea to date a stripper, and I am sure there are a few out there that aren’t nuts, but women are crazy already, do you really think one that takes her clothes off for a living is going to not be nuts?

Tiny Body, Tiny Bikini

Cute tight body in a tiny bikini

I love Latin girls, their skin is amazing. They also look particularly hot in tiny bikinis!

My New Contractor

She can't build shit but I would hire her!

I don’t think she is big enough to do heavy construction, but I would hire her as a contractor.

Blond Beauty

Tiny red string bikini

Her eyes are amazing. They are a beautiful green, they are so light, just like her hair.

Nipple Peeking

Busty girl's nipple peeking out of her lingerie

Normally I don’t care for this complex lingerie, but for her I will make an exception.

Naughty Cosplay

Harley Quin cosplay

I love cosplay. Comic book girls come to life are so hot!


Strippers and glitter

Maybe this is why I am covered in glitter every time I come home from the strip club!

Incredibly Hot Pink

Sexy bikini by the pool

This is why I want a pool. One that you can’t see, lots of privacy. I have enough amazing sexy girls that I know that would be at my pool every day in the summer.

Amazing Pushup Bra

Amazing sexy lingerie

Wow, those are amazing breasts!