Natasha Goes For A Night Swim

Skinny teen girl goes for a night dip

I’ve always wanted a Russian bride just like this. I don’t know if she is Russian, but I wouldn’t mind having her as my bride anyways!

I’m in Puerto Rico at the moment and the women here are beautiful beyond words. I am staying in a house with an amazing salt water pool. I need to find a girl to come back and take a midnight skinny dip with me.


Sexy black lace bra and booty shorts

Those tiny booty shorts barely cover anything, you wouldn’t think she would be wearing underwear beneath them, but she is! She has a sexy lace pair of panties on that go perfectly with her bra.

Major Ink

I would bend them both over

This would be more like a stove pipe hat of ass caps, this is a whole lot of ink.

Tiny Tan Lines

Tan lines on a sexy babe

I like her really tiny tan lines. She must wear the same thong when tanning. I love tan lines.

And On The 8th Day God Created…

Massive breasts being held back by tank top

I don’t even have the words to express what I am feeling right now. This set just gets better and better. As she strips down, she has on amazing lingerie. Whoever put this photo shoot together deserves an award.

Those Baby Blues

Baby Blue bikini

I love those baby blues, and her eyes are nice too!

I’m in Puerto Rico at the moment, and I am in love with the women here. They have their own version of white trash, it’s covered in tattoos. But there are these amazing women, with short cut off jean shorts, and halter tops, everything cut off to show the belly, so sexy. Maybe I’ll get some pictures if I head to the beach tomorrow. I am pretty far away from San Jaun, which is where all the college girls come from the main land, so I’m hoping to see more local girls. Dark skin, thick asses, and bouncing breasts.

Sexy Freckles

Hailey strips

I know I posted this one before my site was destroyed and I had to rebuild it, but it is worth reposting. This girl never stays in anything long, she strips it right off!

Booty Shorts

Sexy blue bra again

I love the bra she is wearing. I think it looks so amazing on her she has used it in multiple shoots. Those shorts hug her ass like I would.

I’ll Be Working From Home

I would work from home and get nothing done

I think I would just go poor, and not be able to hold down a job. I would be calling in sick, or working from home every day. And by working from home I mean doing nothing but nailing Nikki in every room in the house in every possible possition.

Nikki Looks Amazing

Hot pink bra under her white tank

Nikki Sims looks so hot in lingerie, I really like her when she looks like she is just walking around on any other day. I like the pictures that have some element of reality to them. Like you could actually see this girl, in what she is wearing, in real life.