Green Lace

Little white panties

I love tan lines on big breasts, and Ryan Ryans’ got plenty of both!

Shaved Redhead

red on the head and shaved pussy

I love big breasted red heads! They have light skin that just looks amazing.

Fun In The Sun

Happy and nude

She looks like she is having a great time getting naked by the pool!

Server Back Where It Belongs

About a year ago I was lured away from my host by data shack, with a beefier server, more bandwith, and the same price I was paying. I had never had a problem with my provider,, but I wanted a more powerful box. I was unable to reach an agreement with Joe’s at the time and moved my sites. I now realize what I was getting by paying more. I was getting service. In the time I hosted with data shack, the managed to wipe my server clean because of an issue with their billing app, shut my server down randomly because of billing apps, and basically just be incompetent assholes. After wiping out my sites, over 4000 blog entries, I demanded to talk to a manager. Their response, “we don’t provide phone support”. So for wiping out years of work, I was apparently asking for tech support because they fucked up. Shame on me for not having backups, but the one thing they had to do was nothing, and they fucked that up.
We are now hosted back at where I have always had fast responses to requests, never had my server unplugged, and they have never decided to randomly destroy my work.
I’m just saying this because it was a massive mistake on my part leaving in the first place, I have lost a decade worth of posts, and spent many nights fixing screw ups that should have never happened. I hope none of you ever have to deal with this sort of thing, and my suggestion is always do your homework on hosts. If you find hundreds or thousands of messages board posts about how terrible a company is, no matter how cheap they are, it’s not worth it. I would recommend to anyone! And I’m not making a dime by doing it!

Door To My Dreams

dooropenSome times you just have to open the door to have your dreams realized.

Shaved Friends

Sexy shaved teen bodies

I want to take a top to bottom lick of these two!

Off To The Side

Black hair girl in the shower

Sexy hand bra! I love those bikini bottoms too, her ass looks amazing in them!

A Perfect Tiny Pair

Aubrey Star and a girlfriend

My wet dream getting wet!

Knees Socks And Thong

Tank top, thong, and knee socks

This has all sorts of sexy elements to it. I love the tank top with no bra. It’s a bit trashy, but really hot!

White Trash Beautiful

bleached hair and shaved pussy

The bleached hair is out of style, as these tattoos are starting to be as well. Its getting harder and harder to find these pictures!